We are currently witnessing a more positive attitude from lenders towards lending in the business sector and thanks to the Governments “Funding for Lending Scheme” rates of interest are being appreciably discounted, generally by as much as one percent and in some cases over the whole term of the loan. This applies equally to Freehold, Leasehold and Goodwill & Asset businesses that are being acquired often by “first time buyers”.

The key to successfully obtaining funding for a business is a mixture of good connections and credentials within the lending institutions, an understanding of the lenders borrowing criteria and careful attention to providing them with a well thought out and fully documented proposal including a business plan and financial projections both of which we prepare. This usually results in an “agreement in principle” decision in writing within a week of us receiving an instruction.

Increasingly we are accessing business loans at competitive rates with non High Street lenders who are relative newcomers on the scene and who rely on the broker market for introductions and value our professional input. By way of example one of these has a special scheme for sitting tenants acquiring the freehold of their business premises and will consider advancing up to 100% of the discounted price.

We also specialise in raising finance under the Government’s “Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme” which provides participating lenders with the comfort of security when this is the missing ingredient in an otherwise acceptable proposition.